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We are a growing and enthusiastic group of Christians in Regina. We hold to the truth of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Apostles and recovered in the Protestant Reformation. And together, we glorify and enjoy God, by his grace.

This Sunday at Redeemer, 10/26/14

You can view the bulletin for this Sunday by clicking here. This Sunday we welcome Rev. Joe Poppe to our pulpit. Rev. Poppe is the pastor at Redeemer Canadian Reformed Church in Winnipeg. Pastor Brian will be preaching at Redeemer CanRC in Winnipeg as part of a pulpit exchange between various URCNA and CanRC churches in Manitoba and Regina. Here is what you can look forward to here this Sunday:

Sunday School (10:00AM): The sixth commandment, “You shall not murder.” Rev. Poppe will show how this commandment connects with man being created in God's image and what that means. Some ethical matters to be considered will be: capital punishment, abortion, euthansia, suicide, and recklessly endangering ourselves. He will also discuss the heart of this commandment in that we’re called to love our neighbour and do good even to our enemies. In connection with that, he'd also like to bring the topic of bullying into discussion. Sounds great!

Morning Worship (11:00PM): Matthew 14:23-33

Theme: By walking on water Jesus teaches his disciples to put their faith in him. We’ll see:

1. How the storms of life can overwhelm us.

2. How the presence of Christ reassures us.

3. How we are to put our faith in Christ alone.

May God richly bless you all this Lord's Day!

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Church Location: 3717 Hill Ave., Regina, Saskatchewan

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